Previous GlobeLife Seminars

Here you can find recordings of earlier GlobeLife Seminars, as well as presentations.


Presentations by keynote speakers at the GlobeLife seminar "Professionalism vs Activism in Global Reproductive Health" 8 November 2021:

Presentation by Dr Corinna Hawkes, keynote speaker at the GlobeLife seminar "Lived experiences informing food policy" on 20 September 2021


GlobeLife seminar on 6 December 2021: Current Controversies in Paediadric Pneumonia (some parts of the seminar is missing in the recording because of disturbances during the Zoom meeting)

GlobeLife seminar 8 November 2021: Professionalism vs Activism in Global Reproductive Health - The Case of Medical Abortion and Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting

GlobeLife Seminar 20 September 2021: Lived experiences informing food policy

GlobeLife Seminar 26 April 2021: World Malaria Day: Future tools and perspectives in the context of malaria control and elimination

GlobeLife Seminar 22 March 2021: Debunking Disaster Myths

GlobeLife Seminar 25 January 2021: Social Innovation for Global Health

GlobeLife Seminar 7 December 2020: Decolonizing Global Health Research and Education

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